Let’s Get Started

Family History

Eagle Scout Project


Brayden Davis

Troop 1618


Thank you for your willingness to help make thousands of family history records more easily accessible.


This project will literally take hundreds of volunteers, so please forward the invitation to friends and family that you feel will be willing and able to help. It can be anyone, anywhere as long as they have access to familysearch.org and Microsoft Word.


1. If you are new to this project, or need a new project, please send an email requesting an assignment to bdaviseagleproject2014@gmail.com


2. Once you receive your assignment (a spreadsheet), please save the attachment to your personal computer so that you can add and save data to it.


3. Your email also contains 2 internet web links that will take you to lists of parish names located in Norfolk, England. These will be tools to help you determine the parish names you will be cataloguing. You can either save the links to your computer or just open them and refer to them as needed.


4. Once you open the spreadsheet, complete the following boxes located near the top, left side. Depending on your settings for spreadsheets, you may need to Enable Editing.

Name: This is your name

BSA Registered?: Are you registered with the Boy Scouts of America, Yes or No

Youth or Adult: Enter which is applicable to you

Time: Please track ALL of your time that you work on this project. I will need to submit this information when I submit my project for approval. (Please enter your total time: ie. 1 hour 5 minutes)


5. You will see a web link just below the title of the document on the spreadsheet. If you click on that link it should open in your browser. This will be the starting page for your project. If the link on your spreadsheet does not work, copy and paste this in your URL.




(I have found it easier to complete this project if you are able to do a split screen on your computer: One side showing the spreadsheet, the other side showing the images from familysearch.org)


5. Next click on the year you have been assigned. Your assignment is located on the spreadsheet that you received. (Three boxes below where you entered your name)


6. Next on the webpage, click on the “Parish Range” you have been assigned. This is located four boxes below your name on the spreadsheet.


7. Next enter the first image number you have been assigned and hit enter. (The image number box is near the top/center of the screen on the website.)


8. Your first image will appear.


9. Look for a parish name or names that are on that image and type that name or names in the spreadsheet next to the applicable image number. (Refer to the two “helps” in your email for help determining parish names. – Note: Some parish names were spelled phonetically, so do your best. They were supposed to be in alphabetical order, if it that helps.) IF YOU CANNOT DETERMINE THE NAME OR HAVE ANY DOUBT – PLEASE LEAVE IT BLANK – THAT WILL TELL ME THAT I NEED TO HAVE ANOTHER VOLUNTEER LOOK AT IT.


10. Next enter the year or years that apply to the image. (This may be a different year than the year you put up top. It may also be a multiple year, so please enter all years in the image into the spreadsheet.)


11. Copy and Paste the URL for the image into the space on the spreadsheet. (With your mouse hover over the URL (the website address) and right click one time. This will highlight the entire URL and a dropbox will come appear. Select Copy. Then, in the spreadsheet, make sure the Image URL box is chosen and press Ctrl + V. This should paste the URL onto the spreadsheet.


12. To move to the next image in the Bishop’s Transcripts, click on the arrow right of the Image Number in the top/center of the webpage.


13. In the spreadsheet, move to the next line’s Image Number box and type in the next image number and press enter.


14. Repeat steps 9 through 13 for all images you have been assigned.


15. Save the document as needed.


16. When you have completed your assignment, please fill in your time spent on the project, save it and email it back to bdaviseagleproject2014@gmail.com


17. If you would like another assignment, please let me know in your email and I would be happy to send you another one.


If you have any questions, please email me.


You will receive an email 2 weeks after you received an assignment just to see how things are progressing. If you are unable to finish the project, please save what you have done and email the file back to me.


Thank You for making this project possible.

Brayden Davis



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